Code examples used in the blog found in the following URL Contains examples using Python and Socrata Open Data API (API). There is one example of a trivial web app using Django.
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These files accompany the Metro Chicago Open Data Examples blog.  They are
simple examples of using the Socrata Open Data API (SODA) with the Socrata data
portals in use at City of Chicago and Cook County.

The blog has a series of examples each intended to explain the API and
different types of uses.  The blog entries are titled "Example #n".  The
filenames use the same naming convention.  You can read about the purpose
and the explanation of the code in the blog.

There are two exceptions to the naming convention:
1)  The blog entry for Example #20 describes three command line utilities.
    Those utilities are named,, and 
2)  Example #10 includes a one-page overview of the view API.  A copy of that
    overview has the filename, view-ref-card.pdf