jQuery SGML(Sorcerian Gamebook Markup Language)plugin
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jQuery SGML(Sorcerian Gamebook Markup Language)plugin

Automatically generate game books from scenario data.

People called this plugin.....Sorcerian Text.


  • jQuery
  • jQuery Markdown
  • Zoombox
  • toastr
  • vkBeautify(GBAT2SText only)


$(function() {
  // Run Scenario(Production Mode)

  // Run Scenario(Debug Mode:display debug panel)
  $('#main').startGame('scepter', true);

  // GBAT2SText(Download converted code)

  // GBAT2SText(Param: Converted code)
  $('#gbat').gbat2stext(function(result) {
    ...Process the converted code...

  // Save data backup (Param: selector for scenario code)
  // Save data restore

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