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Template::Reverse - A template generator getting different parts between pair of text

Getting TT2 format for being used by Template::Extract module.

use Template::Reverse;
my $rev = Template::Reverse->new({
        spacers=>['Template::Reverse::Spacer::Number'],         # put spaces around Numbers. [OPTIONAL]
        splitter=>'Template::Reverse::Splitter::Whitespace',    # and splitting text by white spaces. [DEFAULT]

my $parts = $rev->detect($output1, $output2); # returns [ [[PRE],[POST]], ... ]

use Template::Reverse::Converter::TT2;
my @templates = Template::Reverse::TT2Converter::Convert($parts); # named 'value1','value2',...


# try this!!
use Template::Reverse;
use Template::Reverse::Converter::TT2;
use Data::Dumper;

my $rev = Template::Reverse->new;

# generating patterns automatically!!
my $str1 = "I am perl and smart";
my $str2 = "I am khs and a perlmania";
my $parts = $rev->detect($str1, $str2);

my $tt2 = Template::Reverse::Converter::TT2->new;
my $temps = $tt2->Convert($parts); # equals ['I am [% value %] and','and [% value %]']

# spacing text for normalization.
my $str3 = "I am king of the world and a richest man";
my $str3spaced = $rev->space($str3);

# extract!!
use Template::Extract;
my $ext = Template::Extract->new;
my $value = $ext->extract($temps->[0], $str3spaced);
print Dumper($value); # output : {'value'=>'king of the world'}

my $value = $ext->extract($temps->[1], $str3spaced);
print Dumper($value); # output : {'value'=>'a richest man'}
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