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Upgrading from 0.1.6 to 0.2.7

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New changes in 0.2.7

  • Coin logos
  • Fixed charts
  • Fixed width of cards

Coin logos requires an additional column in the coinlist table.

1. Download the coin logo package


The archive should contain "images->coins." Place the images directory inside /var/www/html/mdie, so it'll result in /var/www/html/mdie/images/coins/<coins logos here>

2. Update coinlist table

If you have started at version 0.2.7 this step is unnecessary as the coinlist.sql has already been imported.

In a terminal, let's execute:

sudo mysqldump -u market -p market coinlist > coinlist_backup.sql

This will backup your coinlist table.

Login to MySQL to delete the table. sudo mysql -u root -A and in the console:

use market;
drop table coinlist;

Once the table is dropped, let's run the SQL to re-create and import:

sudo mysql -u market -p market < coinlist.sql

The new coinlist should be good to go, to make sure, log back into the MySQL database:

use market;
select infoimage from coinlist where slug="dogecash";

Should return:

| infoimage    |
| dogecash.png |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

Annnnd that's it. Please report bugs in the issue tracker.

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