Sample application used during the "Master Spring Boot auto-configuration" talk
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Master Spring Boot auto-configuration

This is the sample app used during the Master Spring Boot auto-configuration talk.

This repository contains one commit per step to reach a complete auto-configuration. Refer to the commit messages for more information on what each step does.

See the recording of this presentation at ConFESS. The slides of the session are also available on speackerdeck.

Building and running

Some of these steps require a local HornetQ installation. You can download HornetQ from the official web site.

You can start with a basic example that uses Spring Boot’s HornetQ support with the following command in this repository:

git checkout 7ef8191

This demo requires a testQueue to be created in your local broker. To do so, open the hornetq-jms.xml configuration file and add the following entry:

<queue name="testQueue">
    <entry name="/queue/testQueue"/>

Once you reach the point where the official HornetQ support is removed, you can either checkout snicoll/auto-config-demo and build that locally (mvn clean install) to get a customized 1.2.4-BUILD.SNAPSHOT) or exclude the HornetQAutoConfiguration (see DemoApplication).