Showcase of deploying a Spring Boot application as a Windows Service
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Spring Boot daemon

This project demonstrates how a Spring Boot application can be managed as a service.


You need Java 1.8 and a bash-like shell. To build the project, invoke this command at the root of the project

$ ./mvnw clean install


A unix distribution is generated automatically and uses jsvc. It is added for demonstration purpose only as Spring Boot 1.3.x has better support for this


The windows distribution uses winsw.

You need to install the .NET framework on the target machine first.

To install the sample application as a service, extract the distribution somewhere and open a shell with administrative rights in that directory. Then invoke the following command

$ spring-boot-daemon-sample.exe install

spring-boot-daemon-sample is the identifier of the service. You can control that via Maven properties in the spring-boot-daemon-sample project.

Once the service has been installed, you can start it the usual way, that is:

$ net start spring-boot-daemon-sample

The logs are available in the logs directory of the distribution.


Spring Boot Daemon is Open Source software released under the Apache 2.0 license.