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GoLang Books


Starter Books

###The Little Go Book Free

The Little Go Book is a free introduction to Google's Go programming language. It's aimed at developers who might not be quite comfortable with the idea of pointers and static typing. It's longer than the other Little books, but hopefully still captures that little feeling.

###An Introduction to Programming in Go Free

This book is good resource for absolute beginner programmers who loves program in Golang. This book is free to read online or pdf form and also available for purchase at Amazon.com in Kindle or Paperback.

###Go Bootcamp Free

This companion book contains material initially written specifically for this event as well as content from Google & the Go team under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License and code licensed under a BSD license.

###Learning Go Free

A free pdf to start learning golang.

###Go in Action

Go in Action introduces the Go language, guiding you from inquisitive developer to Go guru. The book begins by introducing the unique features and concepts of Go. (We assume you're up to speed with another programming language already, so don't expect to spend a lot of time rehearsing stuff you already know.) Then, you'll get hands-on experience writing real-world applications including web sites and network servers, as well as techniques to manipulate and convert data at speeds that will make your friends jealous. In the final chapters, you'll go in-depth with the language and see the tricks and secrets that the Go masters are using to make their applications perform. For example, you'll learn to use Go's powerful reflection libraries and work with real-world examples of integration with C code.

###Go: Up and Running

Get started with Go, the C-based Google language that emphasizes concurrency and programmer convenience for developing modern applications. This field guide takes you on an example-driven tour of the language and shows you how to be productive with Go right away.

If you’re familiar with languages such as Java, C, Ruby, or Python, you’ll learn about Go’s unique features and concepts for writing concurrent programs, including multithreading and CPU parallelism, that share state by communicating. Focused modules and hands-on exercises help you understand the basics for building simple, reliable, and efficient software with Go.

###Go Programming Blueprints

Dive headfirst into solving actual enterprise problems and start cutting code from the word go. You will build complete applications around a variety of subjects using a range of different technologies and techniques, all of which are directly applicable to today's tech start-up world.

Advanced Books

###Test-driven development with Go Free

A short guide to Test-driven development in golang. free to read online.

###Network programming with Go Free

An e-book on building network applications using the Google Go programming language.free to read online.

###Mastering Concurrency in Go

This book will take you through the history of concurrency, how Go utilizes it, how Go differs from other languages, and the features and structures of Go's concurrency core. Each step of the way, the book will present real, usable examples with detailed descriptions of the methodologies used. By the end, you will feel comfortable designing a safe, data-consistent, high-performance concurrent application in Go.

###Go in Practice

Go in Practice guides you through dozens of real-world techniques in key areas like package management, microservice communication, and more. Following a cookbook-style Problem/Solution/Discussion format, this practical handbook builds on the foundational concepts of the Go language and introduces specific strategies you can use in your day-to-day applications. You'll learn techniques for building web services, using Go in the cloud, testing and debugging, routing, network applications, and much more.

###A Go Developer's Notebook

A developer's exprience in golang.

Web Development

###Building Web Apps with Go Free

A good resource for start Building Web Apps with Go. Free to read online, pdf and mobi version.

###Build Web Application with Golang

Another Awesome book for learning Web Development in Golang. Free to read online

###Mastering Go Web Services

This book will take you through the most important aspects of designing, building, and deploying a web service utilizing idiomatic REST practices with a focus on speed, security, and flexibility. You will begin by building your first API in Go using the HTTP package. You will look at designing and building your application including popular design structures like Model-View-Controller. You will also understand methods for deploying code to staging and development. Finally, you will see how the security features in Go can be used for protection against SQL injection, and sensitive data compromise.

###Level Up Your Web Apps With Go

This book gives you all you need to use Go in your web applications. You'll learn the basic concepts - language structures, the standard library, and Go tools - then tackle...

###Go Web Programming

Go Web Programming teaches you how to build web applications in Go using modern design principles. You'll work through numerous examples that introduce core concepts like processing requests and sending responses, template engines, and data persistence. You'll also dive into more advanced topics, such as concurrency, web application testing and deployment both to barebones servers and PaaS providers.


###Video: Learn GO Syntax in one video


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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.