PHP classes for manipulating video Closed Captions (subtitle) files
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PHP Captions

This library provides methods for working with closed caption files in a standard way from within PHP.


MIT - See LICENCE file.

It's alway nice to hear about people using your code, so if you use this library in your code feel free to let me know. It gives me warm fuzzies and motivates me to keep writing.


Currently working:

  • Parse & Render SRT Files
  • Render Dfxp (TTML) Files
  • Time shift all captions from the start, or a given caption index

To Do

  • Support parsing DFXP format
  • Support Shrinking and enlarging of individual caption times
  • SRT Caption positioning support
  • SRT & Dfxp Style Support


Existing Captions

$captions = Captions::from_srt(file_get_contents(""));
// Returns instance of Captions_Set

Captions from Scratch

$captions = new Captions_Set;

Adding Captions

$caption = new Captions_Caption;
$caption->text("And then I said, but what about the monkeys?")

Altering Captions

$captions->rewind(1.5); // Rewinds all captions 1.5 seconds

$captions->fast_forward(2.5, 8); // Fast forwards all captions from caption #8 onwards by 2.5 seconds

Rendering Captions

Caption_Set dependency

$captions->renderer(new Captions_Renderer_SrtRenderer);
echo $captions->render();

// Or


Dependency free

$renderer = new Captions_Renderer_DfxpRenderer;

$renderer->render($captions, "my_captions.xml"); // File output parameter optional (return string)


Tests are in the tests folder and require simpletest Completed 4 of 4 tests in 1.35 seconds with 0 failures