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Snikket Web Portal

Screenshot of the app

Development quickstart

$ direnv allow
$ cp example.env .env
$ $EDITOR .env  # to adapt the configuration to your needs
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ pip install -r build-requirements.txt
$ make
$ quart run


Purely via environment variables

For a list of required and understood environment variables as well as their semantics, please refer to example.env.

Via python code

In addition to statically setting environment variables, it is possible to initialise the environment variables in a python file. To do that, pass the path to the python file as SNIKKET_WEB_PYENV environment variable.

The python file is evaluated before further environment variable processing takes place. Every name defined in that file which begins with an upper case ASCII letter is included in the processing of environment variables for configuration purposes.

For a (non-productive) example of such a file, see