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visualizing the value of each individual byte in an emulated NES as a time series
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The working memory of early computers is quite small. It is so small in fact, that we can plot the history of values of each byte in memory. Below, you can find a NES emulator together with a time series for each byte in the 2 KB of working memory. Feel free to load a different ROM, for example Super Mario Bros, and notice that some bytes in memory correspond to the location of sprites. This demo is using MedNES and Chase.


For a live demo, please see:


To download MediNES, run bash download.bash. Afterwards, simpy run bash emscripten.bash to perform the compilation. Please note that this step requires Emscripten to be installed. You can then open emscripten.html in your browser and everything should work as expected.


Please refer to the appropriate file within this repository.

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