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posterous.el is an Emacs mode for posting to blogs  - not so useful now posterous has closed down.

Maintainer: Sarah Mount
Author: Sarah Mount
Version: 0.2
Created: 14 May 2010
Keywords: posterous blog 
License: GPL (v2)

It currently supports posting text (only) to posterous.

Place the .el file somewhere on you load path (e.g. ~/.emacs.d/) and
set the following variables in your .emacs or init.el file:

posterous-email    -- your email address or username on
posterous-password -- your password on

and you can interact with using the functions:

M-x posterous-getsites
-- places a list of sites that you own on 
-- Includes siteids.
-- Currently still formatted as XML.

M-x posterous-region
-- post a region of text to posterous

M-x posterous-region-private
-- post a region of text to posterous as a private post.

M-x posterous-buffer
-- post a buffer of text to posterous.

M-x posterous-buffer-private
-- post a buffer of text to posterous as a private post.

M-x posterous-new-markdown-post 
-- Create a new post with a nice markdown template and put into markdown mode.

If you do not wish to post to your default posterous site, you can
customise the variable:


to discover the siteids of all your sites, use M-x posterous-getsites.

If you do not wish to autopost to your social networks connected to
your account, place the following in your Emacs
configuration file:

(setq posterous-suppress-autopost)