Simple tautology checker for propositional calculus
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Tautology checker

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This is a simple tautology checker, written in Java, as a teaching tool.

It uses an operator-precendence parser to parse a file containing a proposition and print out a trace which contains the syntax tree of the original proposition, its negative normal form, conjunctive normal form and whether or not the proposition is a tautology.

The language parse by the checker is the following:

Prop ::= FF
       | TT
       | NOT Prop
       | Prop AND Prop
       | Prop OR Prop
       | Prop => Prop
       | Prop AND Prop
       | ( Prop )

To build the package run Maven:

$ mvn compile

To run the unit tests use Maven again:

$ mvn test

There are a number of examples in the src/test/resources directory and a shell script which takes a file name and calls the checker.

For example:

$ ./ src/test/resources/peirces_law.prop 

Produces the following output:

A Tautology Checker for Propositional Calculus

Input file: tests/peirces_law.prop
((P => Q)=>P)=>P

Abstract syntax tree:
((P => Q) => P) => P

RESULT OF formula.removeImplications():
(!(!(!P \/ Q) \/ P) \/ P)

RESULT OF formula.toNnf():
(((!P \/ Q) /\ !P) \/ P)

RESULT OF formula.nnfToCnf():
(((!P \/ Q) \/ P) /\ (!P \/ P))

RESULT OF formula.simplifyCnf():

Your formula is a tautology.


-- Sarah Mount 2010.