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Facebook comments grails plugin


Following configuration options are available.

  • grails.plugin.facebookcomments.appId
  • grails.plugin.facebookcomments.width
  • grails.plugin.facebookcomments.colorscheme
  • grails.plugin.facebookcomments.num_posts
  • grails.plugin.facebookcomments.mobile
  • grails.plugin.facebookcomments.href = { bean -> }

All of the config options are optional. See facebook documentation for details about possible values.


Follow this steps for integration

Step 1: Put <fb:initFbCommentsJS appId="your app id" /> right after opening <body> tag. It will initialize facebook comments js sdk. appId parameter is optional and if not specified it will be picked up from config.

step 2: put <fb:comments width="" colorscheme="", num_posts="" mobile="" href="http://example.com"/> in the page where you want comments to be displayed. Again all of the parameters are optional and if not specified they will be picked up from config.

Configuring data-href url

href parameter is used identify the page for comments. It can be directly specified in <fb:comments> tag, or it can be configured as a Closure in config. When no href parameter is passed to <fb:comments> tag, it will check if Closure is configured, if so, the closure will be called and return value will be used as href.


grails.plugin.facebookcomments.href = { bean ->  "http://example.com/page?id=$bean.id" }

And now in your gsp file

<fb:comments bean="${page}" />

When href is not passed as parameter to <fb:comments /> or not configured in Config.groovy, current request url will be used as href.

Note: Facebook comments are associated with a url, You will loose comments if you change href attribute of a comment box after some comments has been posted. You can use grails.plugin.facebookcomments.href Closure configuration option to generate whatever url you want based on the bean passed.