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Grails: Using recaptcha with spring security core for brute force defender

based in: Brute Force Defender


  1. Grails 2.3.2+
  2. Spring Security Core Plugin (2.0-RC3+)
  3. ReCaptcha Plugin (0.6.9+)


  1. clone the repository: git clone

  2. Enter to the repository via command line.

  3. package the plugin: grails package-plugin



Configure recaptcha plugin

And then Add the following lines to your Grails Config.groovy file:

bruteforcedefender {
	time = 5
	allowedNumberOfAttempts = 3

time = minutes mantaining failed attempts allowed NumberOfAttempts = number of failed attempts before showing the recaptcha widget.

Adding the recaptcha to your auth view

Open your auth.gsp (/grails-app/views/login/auth.gsp) and add the next line wherever you want to render the recaptcha after the attempts.


Note: The plugin depends on spring security authentication events and so it sets grails.plugin.springsecurity.useSecurityEventListener = true


Thanks to Vinco Orbis and Burt Beckwith

Thanks to JetBrains for Awesome IntelliJ Idea