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This repository contains everything needed to generate a snipcart.css file. ​


​ To get started with this project you'll need to install npm packages. ​

npm install

Setup development environment

Gulp is the build tool used for this project. To setup a development environment, we suggest using the default gulp method. It will watch for file changes and recompile the CSS output automatically. ​


​ You may also use the sync task. This can be useful if you are working on a customization for a specific project. You can use the proxy flag to specify which URL Browsersync should start a proxy over. ​

gulp sync --proxy

​ By default, Browsersync will serve the content on localhost:3006. If you wish to use this setup on the application you are building you can add snipcart.css reference on this path: ​

<link href="http://localhost:3006/themes/base/snipcart.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

Deploy assets

​ To generate assets to be deployed, you can use the deploy gulp task. This task will make sure to copy files needed to dist folder and snipcart.css + snipcart.min.css. Images, fonts, and more will also be copied to the dist folder. ​ You may use the version flag to create a version directory inside the dist folder. ​

gulp deploy --version 1.2.3

​ The example above would generate the following directory structure: ​

            │   snipcart.css
            │   snipcart.min.css


​ The default branch is master. Consider it as the latest stable version. ​ We also keep branches for specific versions: ​

  • v1.0