@snipe snipe released this Nov 25, 2015 · 1350 commits to develop since this release

Key features of this release:

  • Bugfixes for bootstrap tables displays
  • Additional fields in bootstrap tables now searchable/sortable
  • More data in consumables detail view
  • Added images to asset model displays
  • Added basic support for multiple companies (not fully multi-tenant yet)
  • LDAP settings moved to Setting page from config file
  • Improvements to installer script
  • Allow re-use of usernames if user has been deleted
  • Allow re-use of asset tags if asset has been deleted
  • Minor fixes for importer

Remember to run:

php composer.phar install
php composer.phar dump-autoload
php artisan migrate

You may also need to clear the contents (without removing the directory) of app/storage/views, to clear out any cached views on the system.