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Assets 2

New in v4.1.6

As always, lots of small UI tweaks and improvements in this release - but the one we're most excited about is the new UI for checking assets out. Instead of three clunky dropdowns (user/asset/location), we have a much nicer UI that makes it clearer that only one should be selected.


We're really pleased with how that small UI change turned out, and we hope it makes things easier on our users.

In addition, here is the highlight reel of changes for this release.

  • Fixed #4491 and #4483 - handle pre-selected asset on checkout
  • Improved checkout-to-selection UI
  • Fixed #4494 - use audit settings for asset audit pre-population
  • Added sorting and additional category types to dashboard categories
  • Fixed #4098 - autolink URL and email addresses in listing
  • Fixed #4411 - broken activity report if purge didn’t remove relations…
  • Added sanity checks in BS tables formatter
  • Added ItemFormatter for activity report
  • Added - sync locations artisan call after seed
  • Fixed restore permission to assets API disable delete/checkin/checkout
  • Fixed CSV asset export missing checked out to info
  • Fixed - supplier is not required on asset creation/edit, removed UI required class
  • Fixed - mark supplier as requried in maintenance
  • Fixed #4516 - More importer fixes
  • Fixed #4190 - Added artisan command to regenerate asset tags
  • Use asset checkout request in API
  • Fixed #4522 - properly check for valid target, throw error otherwise
  • Fixed - Make sure the asset is available for checkout before displaying the checkout form
  • Fixed custom fields edit behavior with cutom format always selected
  • Fixed #4542 and #4482 - default asset location not updating on bulk edit
  • Fixed #4517 - order number not visible if no purchase cost given on asset
  • Improved display of asset status and meta status on asset view
  • Fixed inconsistent glyphs for users/locations


We've also made some improvements to the User's Manual:

For upgrading instructions, click here. Users who installed Snipe-IT via Git (recommended) can just run php upgrade.php.

If you get a composer error about AWS, like PHP Fatal error: Class 'Aws\Laravel\AwsServiceProvider' not found [Symfony\Component\Debug\Exception\FatalErrorException]:

  • delete the files (not the directory) in bootstrap/cache
  • run composer dump-autoload
  • remove config/aws.php if it exists

For a full list of changes, see the changelog.

Known Issues

This version requires the php-curl extension library to be installed. (php-curl is in the overall requirements for Snipe-IT but you could get away with not having that extension loaded previously.) Composer install will fail if you do not have php-curl enabled, however php-curl is a common package and is most likely already installed/enabled.

Users running MariaDB 10.2.7 and later may have an issue upgrading or installing, due to a change in the way MariaDB stores null defaults. This issue will be fixed once the open pull request in the Doctrine repo is merged and a new version of Doctrine is released with these fixes. You can read more about that issue here.

After completing the upgrade process below, be sure to clear your browser cookies.

Upgrading from v3

Please see the upgrade instructions here.