@snipe snipe released this Jan 26, 2019 · 21 commits to master since this release

New in v4.6.8

This is a minor bugfix release that addresses a few small maintenance display bugs, and a few other small issues. We've also ported embedded images in email back from the upcoming v5 branch.

IMPORTANT: This will be one of the final releases of Snipe-IT that will work with PHP5. Future versions of Snipe-IT will require PHP 7.1.3 or greater. Please start upgrading your versions of PHP to 7.1.3 to prepare for the next major release. There may be a few small bug fix releases before Snipe-IT v5, but you should start preparing now.


  • Fixed problem with import when using snipeit:import command (#6550)
  • Fixed saving of REMOTE_USER setting broken by 1a64879 (#6565)
  • Updating LDAP such that each user is not required to be bindable
  • Fixed undefined error when maintenance is associated with a deleted asset
  • Only try to return the asset tag link if a valid asset id has been passed
  • Specify table name in deleted user display to prevent integrity constraint error when sorting
  • Fixed incorrect group route triggered when trying to access a group that's been deleted
  • Fixed #6644 - asset name not linked in Reports > Asset Maintenance Report


  • Switch LDAP error to debug, to avoid crapping up the logs
  • Embed images in emails (ported to v5 already)
  • Added calibration as a maintenance type


For general upgrading instructions, click here. Users who installed Snipe-IT via Git (recommended) can just run php upgrade.php.

For a full list of changes, see the changelog.

Known Issues

Snipe-IT v4.x is not compatible with PHP 7.3. You'll need to use a version of PHP between 5.6.4 and 7.2.x. This is due to a limitation of the underlying framework. The upcoming v5 will support 7.3+.

Users running MariaDB 10.2.7 and later may have an issue upgrading or installing, due to a change in the way MariaDB stores null defaults. This issue will be fixed once the open pull request in the Doctrine repo is merged and a new version of Doctrine is released with these fixes. You can read more about that issue here.

After completing the upgrade process below, be sure to clear your browser cookies.

Upgrading from v3

Please see the upgrade instructions here.

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