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@snipe snipe released this May 29, 2019 · 21 commits to master since this release

New in v4.7.3

IMPORTANT: This release requires PHP 7.1.3 or greater. This version of Snipe-IT is compatible with PHP 7.3.

This is a point release that fixes a bug in the path for deleting generated backup files, and that also resolves in issue that was preventing certain users from being able to load the users/locations/etc select lists.

The select-list issue would typically only present itself if the Snipe-IT installation is running behind some configurations of proxies, or if they have unusual DNS masking or port numbers.


  • Fixed #7098 - updated backup config for deleteFile() method
  • Fixed #7092 - handle weird port forwarding/port numbers for baseUrl


For general upgrading instructions, click here. Users who installed Snipe-IT via Git (recommended) can just run php upgrade.php.

For a full list of changes, see the changelog.

After completing the upgrade process below, be sure to clear your browser cookies.

Upgrading from v3

Please see the upgrade instructions here.

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