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Passwords, Generating Passwords, Random
How to generate passwords randomly for shell commands

In some situations it's beneficial to be able to generate random text or passwords. With Snipline you can create unique strings for each command with the password syntax.

// outputs => W[Oi*XRONSgQi\)q

The first parameter (Name) is the reference name to the password, and the second parameter is the length.

The reference name is useful if you wish to use the same password more than once in a snippet. The second reference does not include a length.

firstcommand "#password{[Name,16]}" > secondcommand "#password{[Name]}"
// outputs => firstcommand "aq}PIjhqi;HOilAy" > secondcommand "aq}PIjhqi;HOilAy"

With this in mind, you can have multiple passwords in a snippet by giving them different reference names.

firstcommand "#password{[Name,8]}" && secondcommand "#password{[Name]}" && thirdcommand "#password{[Third,6]}"
// outputs => firstcommand "CVq(%Ajn" && secondcommand "CVq(%Ajn" && thirdcommand "wRg^a:"


By default if you do not pass a length the string will fallback to a length of 16.

Further configuration, such as adding symbols, numbers, and mixed-case letters can be updated in the Settings page (Under the Quick Menu > Settings or by pressing the c shortcut).