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Advanced searching, filtering, sorting
How to enable and search complex queries or requirements.

By default Snipline searches the name, command, alias, and tags for a match against your search term. As of 0.7.0 Snipline uses Lunr.js for searching.

With that in mind you can use the following syntax to search:

  • + - word must appear in results. E.g. +sql.
  • - - word must not appear in results. E.g. -git.
  • * - Wildcard. E.g. grep*, *sql, *sh*.
  • ~<number> - Fuzzy matches. E.g. gyt~1

Searching specific attributes

The following attributes can be searched

  • name - The name of the snippet.
  • docs - The snippet documentation.
  • alias - The snippet alias.
  • command - The command associated with the snippet.
  • tags - The tags associated with the snippet.

For example, you can search for all of the snippets that are tagged sql like this.


Another example, you want to search documentation that contains the word Linux or unix, you could do the following


More example searches

Search for snippet that contains git but not log

git -log

Search for a curl command that must include auth

command:curl +auth*

Search for misspelled or uncertain text

# results matching magento

Escaping search syntax

When you wish to search dashes (-) or other characters that are used in the Lunr search syntax you can use a backslash (\) before the character you wish to keep.

git \-\-log

More information

For more information on using Lunr, check out their searching documentation.

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