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Official action code for Snips Voice Interaction Development Kit. (Temperature & Relay)
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MIT License Version


Official action code for Snips Voice Interaction Development Kit.

It's composed of snips-app-relay-switch and snips-app-sht31, enables you to control the connected relay module and fetch the indoor environment informations.


💡 Controlling a connected device

"Hey snips, please turn on my light"

"Hey snips, please turn off my light"

⛄️ Asking for temperature

"Hey snips, please tell me the current temperature?"

🎍 Asking for humidity

"Hey snips, what's the humidity in the room?"



Please make sure that _snips-skills user has permission to access gpio and i2c.

To grant this permission, run the following command on Raspberry Pi:

sudo usermod -a -G i2c,spi,gpio,audio _snips-skills

If install to a satellite device, please make sure it has snips-skill-server installed first.

To install snips-skill-server:

sudo apt-get install snips-skill-server

With Assistant (Recommend)

  1. Create a Snips account here

  1. Create an assistant in Snips Console

  1. Add Voice Interaction Dev Kit App to your assistant

  1. Deploy assistant by executing the provided command on your laptop

Only action code

Using sam to fetch the content of this repo on your laptop

sam install actions -g


  1. Clone the content of this repo to local:
git clone
  1. Run to install:
cd snips-demo-dev-kit/
  1. Activate virtual environment:
source venv/bin/activate
  1. Run the action code:



Config Description Value Default
mqtt_host MQTT host name <ip address>/<hostname> localhost
mqtt_port MQTT port number <mqtt port> 1883
site_id Snips device ID Refering to the actual snips.toml default
‼️ If this skill is installed on a satellite device, please change the site_id to the one set for satellite, and change mqtt_host connecting to master device.

TTS language

Config Description Value Default
locale The tts language en_US, fr_FR en_US

NOTE: Japanese text-to-speech is not yet supported, which means that adding Japanese translation will block snips-tts software

Relay GPIO pin

Config Description Value Default
relay_gpio_bcm The BCM GPIO number Available BCM pin number 12

Temperature Unit

Config Description Value Default
temperature_unit The unit applied to temperature celsius, fahrenheit celsius


Please see the Contribution Guidelines.


This library is provided by Snips as Open Source software. See LICENSE for more information.

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