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Token Mining Pool

Developed by the 0xBitcoin Community


A pool for mining RC20 Tokens

CSS Colors:

  1. improve colors
  2. more workers (jsonrpc listeners?)
  3. two eth accounts .. xfers and mints
  4. separate geth
  5. why does it say 'Reply:OK' ??

BASIC SETUP (needs Node8)

  1. npm install -g node-gyp

  2. sudo apt-get install build-essential

  3. npm install

  4. npm run webpack #(to build the website files)

  5. rename 'sample.account.config.js' to 'account.config.js' and fill it with the pool's ethereum account data

  6. install redis-server and make sure it is running

  7. Edit pool.config.js to your tastes

  8. Edit the website files in /app to change the look of the website

  9. npm run server #(or npm run server test for Ropsten test net)


  1. Point a poolminer at your pool using http://localhost:8586 (or ipaddress:8586 or (make sure firewall allows this port)
  2. View website interface at http://localhost:3000 (you can set up nginx to serve the static files in /public)

Installing Redis

  1. sudo apt-get install redis
  2. sudo service redis-server start
  • Redis will serve/connect at localhost:6379 by default - the pool will use this port

Redis Commands

LRANGE broadcasted_payments 0 -1


  • Add more clustering/workers and more JSONRPC/socket ports to handle heavy loads
  • Make sure good solns ARE BEING TRANFERRED
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