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Git svn syncer

These scripts are intend to be used to sync an existing git repository into a (preferable empty) svn repo via cron job, by using an interstitial git-svn clone.

The script works well on pre-populated svn repositories, but it's hard recommended that you use an empty svn repository.


This script is responsible for fetching both git and svn commits and to do the first git to svn sync. You should run this script first.

It assumes that your first git commit starts after your last svn commit.


$ ./first-sync <svn-url> <git-url> <gitsvn-clone-path>
  • svn-url is the checkout url of your svn repository, without the trunk part. Example:

  • git-url is the clone url of your git repository. Example:

  • gitsvn-clone-path is the path where first-sync will create the interstitial git-svn checkout to manage your syncs. Example: ~/git-svn-syncs/myproject/


This script is inteded to be used as a cron job to keep syncing git into svn repositories afer the first sync is done.


$ ./cron-sync <gitsvn-clone-path>
  • gitsvn-clone-path this is the same path used in first-sync script.

Cron sync notifications

Crontab provides mail notifications for running jobs. You can use this feature to receive eventual failure notifications for your cron-sync.

Below is a sample crontab script that syncs git and svn every minute, and notificates me by mail when cron-sync fails.

* * * * * /home/git/git-svn-syncer/cron-sync /home/git/git_syncer_repositories/test-repo/ 1>/dev/null
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