Pidgin Plugins I have developed or are under development.
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List of Plugins that I have built/building.

1. Weather Plugin. It fetches weather data from the XML feeds provided by, and pushes them to the Pidgin Status message window. Great to let people what weather are you upto :)

2. An activity logger, which logs each sign in and sign out of the user. Though very trivial and uninteresting, I made a graph out of this plugin and was amazed to see the regularity and religiousness that it followed :). The graph can be found on the same page. Hope you have loads of fun plotting your own. If in trouble mail the log file to: and I'll reply you with your statistics.

3. A collaborative pidgin whiteboard. Which will help people using Pidgin as their IM Client, to do collaborative drawing in Real Time, much on the lines on MSN whiteboard. But targeted towards a Implementation rather than a specific service.