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WPF Keyboard Control
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WPF Touch Keyboard Control

WPF Keyboard component

This is a component for WPF applications

How to use

Getting started

Use nuget console

  PM> Install-Package WPFTouchKeyboard

Add namespace to your xaml application


Then use it like

  <TermControls:OnScreenKeyboard />


Also you can bind textbox or others component to this control via standard binding

  <TextBox Text="{Binding Text, ElementName=onScreenKeyboard}" Name="textBox1" />

How to use handle EnterKeyPress

  <TermControls:OnScreenKeyboard x:Name="onScreenKeyboard" Command="{Binding ButtonClickCommand,ElementName=m}" />

where m is name of MainWindow

And now add

    public ICommand ButtonClickCommand
        get { return new DelegateCommand(ButtonClick); }

    private void ButtonClick(object param)

Can I help you?

Of course yes! Any pull-request will be considered.

You can take any issue with the label help wanted

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