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// photon-integ.h -- Photon-mapping surface integrator
// Copyright (C) 2010, 2011 Miles Bader <>
// This source code is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
// modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
// published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at
// your option) any later version. See the file COPYING for more details.
// Written by Miles Bader <>
#include "bsdf.h"
#include "photon-map.h"
#include "photon-eval.h"
#include "direct-illum.h"
#include "recursive-integ.h"
namespace snogray {
class PhotonInteg : public RecursiveInteg
// Global state for PhotonInteg, for rendering an entire scene.
class GlobalState;
// This method is called by RecursiveInteg to return any radiance
// not due to specular reflection/transmission or direct emission.
virtual Color Lo (const Intersect &isec, const Media &media,
const SampleSet::Sample &sample);
class Shooter;
// Integrator state for rendering a group of related samples.
PhotonInteg (RenderContext &context, GlobalState &global_state);
// Return the light emitted from ISEC by photons found nearby in
// PHOTON_MAP. NUM_PATHS is the number of paths used when generating
// PHOTON_MAP, and is used to scale the result. FLAGS gives the types
// of BSDF interaction to consider (by default, all).
Color Lo_photon (const Intersect &isec, const PhotonMap &photon_map,
float scale, unsigned flags = Bsdf::ALL)
return photon_eval.Lo (isec, photon_map, scale, flags);
// "Final gathering": Do a quick calculation of indirection
// illumination by sampling the BRDF, shooting another level of
// rays, and using only photon maps to calculate outgoing
// illumination from the resulting intersections.
// For samples that strike perfectly specular materials, recursive
// sampling is used used until a non-specular surface is hit, and
// then the photon-map is evaluated at that point; this handles
// indirect illumination due to caustics, etc.
// If AVOID_CAUSTICS_ON_DIFFUSE is true, then any contribution of
// caustics on diffuse surfaces is intentionally ignored (this is
// useful because such effects are usually handled via a separate
// caustics photon-pap).
Color Lo_fgather (const Intersect &isec, const Media &media,
const SampleSet::Sample &sample,
bool avoid_caustics_on_diffuse);
// Return a quick estimate of the outgoing radiance from ISEC which
// is due to BSDF_SAMP. INDIR_EMISSION_SCALE is used to scale
// direct surface (or background) emission for recursive calls
// (i.e., when DEPTH > 0; direct emission is always omitted when
// DEPTH == 0). DEPTH is the recursion depth; it is zero for all
// external callers, and incremented during recursive calls.
Color Lo_fgather_samp (const Intersect &isec, const Media &media,
const Bsdf::Sample &bsdf_samp,
const Color &indir_emission_scale, unsigned depth = 0);
// Pointer to our global state info.
const GlobalState &global;
// The photon-map evaluator.
PhotonEval photon_eval;
// State used by the direct-lighting calculator.
DirectIllum direct_illum;
// Sample channels for sampling during final-gathering.
SampleSet::Channel<UV> fgather_bsdf_chan;
SampleSet::Channel<float> fgather_bsdf_layer_chan;
SampleSet::Channel<UV> fgather_photon_chan;
// PhotonInteg::GlobalState
// Global state for PhotonInteg, for rendering an entire scene.
class PhotonInteg::GlobalState : public SurfaceInteg::GlobalState
GlobalState (const GlobalRenderState &rstate, const ValTable &params);
// Return a new integrator, allocated in context.
virtual SurfaceInteg *make_integrator (RenderContext &context);
friend class PhotonInteg;
// Generate the specified number of photons and add them to our photon-maps.
void generate_photons (unsigned num_caustic, unsigned num_direct, unsigned num_indirect);
// Photon-maps for various types of photons.
PhotonMap direct_photon_map;
PhotonMap caustic_photon_map;
PhotonMap indirect_photon_map;
// Amount by which we scale each photon during rendering.
float caustic_scale, direct_scale, indirect_scale;
PhotonEval::GlobalState photon_eval;
DirectIllum::GlobalState direct_illum;
// True if we should use the DIRECT_ILLUM for direction illumination;
// otherwise, we use DIRECT_PHOTON_MAP instead (which is less
// accurate, but probably cheaper).
bool use_direct_illum;
// Number of samples to use in "final gathering" for indirect
// illumination. If zero, final gathering is not done.
unsigned num_fgather_samples;
unsigned num_fgather_photon_samples;
unsigned num_fgather_bsdf_samples;
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