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Operation Storefront

This project was part of an immersive horror experience posted on /r/nosleep. For more information about this project, please check out my blog post about it at Evil Mouse Studios.



The following databases need to be made in CouchDB

  • subjects (for storing information about subjects)
  • messages (for storing information from the contact form)
  • answers (for storing stats about questions)

We also have a view that we run that looks like this:

function(doc) {
  key = doc.stage
  emit(key, {token: doc.token, phone: doc.phone});

It's saved as _design/listings/stage


  • Clone down the repository.
git clone https://github.com/snollygolly/operation-storefront.git
  • Install packages (from inside the operation-storefront folder).
npm install
  • Create your config. There's a config.json.example file in the root. Edit it to include all your values for the site and your OAuth information. Save it as config.json and leave it in the root.

  • If you want to use Google Analytics, set config.site.analytics to your Tracking ID and make sure the analytics partial (analytics.hbs) contains the correct Universal Analytics tracking code. If you don't want to use Google Analytics, remove that property or set it to false.

  • Start it up.

npm start
  • Enjoy!