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wysihtml5 0.3.0 (May 18, 2012)

  • Support for query command groups in toolbar
  • Don’t overwrite title attribute on img and a tags (thx to @bobanj, #65)
  • Fix copying of attributes (eg. spellcheck=“false”)
  • Allow toolbar button other than anchors
  • Fix another keyboard issue on Windows (#46)
  • Improve insertUnorderedList and insertOrderedList commands
  • Now possible to specify text of a hyperlink (thx to @jhollingworth, #45)

wysihtml5 0.3.0 RC 2 (March 29, 2012)

  • Changed License from GPL to MIT
  • Now possible to use multiple editors on one page (#20)
  • Fixed random IE error happening when retrieving currentStyle (#21)
  • Fixed Safari context menu issue (#27)
  • Fixed weird issue in Chrome happening when the editor was initialized when the textarea has been inserted dynamically (#15)
  • Fixed issue happening with the polish keyboard layout (#16)
  • Make sure that the editor iframe uses same IE document mode as it’s parent

wysihtml5 0.3.0 RC 1 (February 5, 2012)

  • Basic iOS support (thx @javan for bearing with me)
  • Proper undo/redo support for all browsers except IE
  • Added more events: beforecommand:composer, aftercommand:composer, undo:composer, redo:composer, show:dialog, save:dialog, cancel:dialog (thx to @martinnormark)
  • Fixed an annoying text pasting behavior
  • Allow nested toolbar buttons (thx to @kagd)
  • Updated rangy library to version 1.2.2
  • Improve handling of line breaks in list elements for even cleaner HTML output
  • The editor now also copies border-radius styles from the textarea to the rich text element (thx to @henningthies)

wysihtml5 0.2.0 (July 13, 2011)

  • Library agnostic (no Prototype library needed anymore)