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import hook
import os
import sys
import time
import threading
import style
@hook.command('divert', perm='admin')
def divert(prefix, chan, params):
bot.config.get('divert', {})[params[0]] = params[1]
@hook.command('undivert', perm='admin')
def undivert(prefix, chan, params):
if 'divert' in bot.config and params[0] in bot.config['divert']:
del bot.config['divert'][params[0]]
@hook.command('say', perm='admin')
def say(prefix, chan, params):
bot.say(params[0], ' '.join(params[1:]))
@hook.command('announce', perm='admin')
def announce(prefix, chan, params):
for ch in bot.chans:
bot.say(ch, '%s: %s' % (style.color('Ann', style.RED), ' '.join(params)))
@hook.command('act', perm='admin')
def act(prefix, chan, params):
bot.ctcp(params[0], 'ACTION', ' '.join(params[1:]))
@hook.command('flood', perm='admin')
def flood(prefix, chan, params):
for i in range(int(params[1])):
bot.say(params[0], ' '.join(params[2:]))
@hook.command('raw', perm='admin')
def raw(prefix, chan, params):
bot.send(' '.join(params))
@hook.command('ignore', perm='staff')
def ignore(prefix, chan, params):
bot.config.get('ignore', []).append(params[0])
@hook.command('unignore', perm='staff')
def unignore(prefix, chan, params):
if params[0] in bot.config.get('ignore', []):
@hook.command('restart', perm='admin')
def restart(prefix, chan, params):'QUIT', ' '.join(params))
os.execl(sys.executable, sys.executable, * sys.argv)
@hook.command('reload', perm='admin')
def reload(prefix, chan, params):
@hook.command('nick', perm='admin')
def nick(prefix, chan, params):'NICK', params[0])
@hook.command('quit', perm='admin')
def quit(prefix, chan, params):
@hook.command('oper', perm='admin')
def oper(prefix, chan, params):
@hook.command('join', perm='admin')
def join_chan(prefix, chan, params):
@hook.command('part', perm='admin')
def part_chan(prefix, chan, params):
if len(params):
@hook.command('sys', perm='admin')
def sysinfo(prefix, chan, params):
seconds = time.time() - bot.start_time
times = []
days = seconds // 86400
hours = seconds // 3600 % 24
minutes = seconds // 60 % 60
seconds = seconds % 60
if days: times.append('%s days' % int(days))
if hours: times.append('%s hours' % int(hours))
if minutes: times.append('%s minutes' % int(minutes))
if seconds: times.append('%s seconds' % int(seconds))
bot.say(chan, 'Uptime: %s Threads: %s' % (
', '.join(times),
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