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Example code for my talk about building mobile apps with Apache Usergrid, jQuery Mobile and Apache Cordova. You can view a screencast of the talk on YouTube: All Things Open 2014: Building Mobile Apps with Apache UserGrid.

This example app is was initially created by the Apache Cordova command line times. There are four versions of the app: v1, v2, v3 and v4. Each one of these versions is a branch in this GitHub repo and each represents a stage in the development of the app.

  • v1 - Version one is the initial version of the app. After I created the app with Apache Cordova I added the Usergrid SDK, jQuery, jQuery Mobile and the ability for users to sign-up and to login.

  • v2- In the second stage I added the ability for users to be able to "checkin" and to view the checkins that they have created.

  • v3- In the third stage I added the ability for users to be able to view and follow each other users and to view the checkins of those that they follow.

  • v4 - In the fourth stage of the project I added the code necessary for Apache Cordova to work together with jQuery Mobile. This is the version of the app that can be launched in a phone emulator by Apache Cordova.


Example jQuery-Mobile & Cordova mobile app, backed by Usergrid






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