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  • v3.0.0
  • 74eaa9b
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  • v3.0.0
  • 74eaa9b
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@batzen batzen released this Oct 24, 2020

  • Bug fixes

    • #40 - Message: Cannot set Expression. It is marked as 'NonShareable' and has already been used.

    • #45 - Keystrokes go to Visual Studio main window when inspecting Visual Studio (thanks @KirillOsenkov)

    • #66 - System.InvalidOperationException: Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute.

    • #101 - My Style is being applied to the "Change Target" Window

    • #120 - Screenshot feature produces pixelated low-res image for larger windows

    • #150 - Format and parse property values with the same format provider

    • #151 - Dependency properties are filtered wrong and less properties are shown than should be

    • #152 - Magnified view only works for main window

    • #156 - Delve BindingExpression throws exception

    • #159 - Errors require STA

    • #177 - Could not query process information.

    • #188 - Crash when inspecting app with VisualTargetPresentationSource from ModernWpf

    • Snoop now properly selects the targeted window on startup

    • Snooping multiple app domains now also works for app domains that use shadow copies of assemblies

    • Snooping multiple app domains now also checks for multiple dispatchers in each app domain

  • Improvements

    • You no longer have to have installed any Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable(s)
    • Added a lot more tracing to the injection process. This tracing can be viewed with DbgView.
    • Because of #151 there are now a lot more properties being shown.
      As a way to reduce the noise a new option to filter uncommom properties was added. The default value for that is true, so uncommon properties are hidden by default.
      If you want to show uncommon properties from types like Typography or NumberSubstitution etc. just disable the new switch right beside the default value switch.
    • Added "Copy XAML" to the context menu of the property grid. Please note that this feature is not finished and the generated XAML is not very good. I hope to improve this in the future.
    • #82 - Missing possibility of copying value of the specific node
    • #98 - .NETCore 3.0 support
    • #108 - SnoopWPF on "Disabled" control state?
    • #129 - Command line args
    • #139 - Value Input did not support NewLine (\r\n)
      This is achieved by a new detail value editor.
    • #140 - CTRL_SHIFT stops working
    • #141 - Add support to view logical tree
    • #142 - Add support to view ui automation tree (wpf automation peers)
    • #144 - Add support for showing behaviors (added by @dezsiszabi in #149)
    • Snoop now filters uncommon properties by default
    • Snoop is now able to show MergedDictionaries from ResourceDictionary
    • Snoop now has two tracking modes.
      • Holding CTRL tries to skip template parts
      • Holding CTRL + SHIFT does not skip template parts
    • #161 - Drastically improved performance of AppChooser.Refresh() (thanks @mikel785)
    • #162 - Usability improvements for process dropdown (thanks @mikel785)
    • #181 - Add inspection of Popup without opening it
    • #190 - Events view - editible events history max count (thanks @X39)
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@batzen batzen released this Jul 8, 2019 · 424 commits to master since this release


  • Bug fixes

    • #53 - Path Data values have wrong format (should use invariant culture) (thanks @jongleur1983)
    • #55 - Keyboard events not passed to snoop UI window (thanks @stutton)
    • #56 - Snoop crash when application shutdown (solved by using System.Windows.Forms.Clipboard)
    • #83 - Unhandled Exception when changing WPF Trace Level to Activity Tracing (thanks @miloush)
    • #86 - Fatal ExecutionEngineException when process has hidden windows without composition target (thanks @gix)
    • #99 - Prevent window from being restored on screen that's disconnected/off
    • #100 - Snoop 2.10 crashes when snooping a WPF App that uses AvalonDock
    • #106 - Refresh fails because "process has exited" (thanks @jmbeach)
  • Improvements

    • #32 - Try to use AutomationProperties.AutomationId for VisualTreeItem name if element name is not specified. (thanks @paulspiteri)
    • #73 - Add options to prevent multiple dispatcher question and setting of owner on snoop windows
    • #89 - Improved exception handling and error dialog
    • #92 - Adding support for snooping elevated processes from a non elevated snoop instance
    • #116 - Doesn't find PresentationSource hosted in CustomTaskPane (ElementHost) in Office VSTO Add-in
      This means snoop is now able to spy on multiple app domains.
    • #119 - Adding hyperlink for current delve object to enable explorer navigation
    • The window finder was rewritten to not use a separate window but a dynamically generated mouse cursor instead
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  • 2.10.0
  • 1f94efc
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  • 2.10.0
  • 1f94efc
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@cplotts cplotts released this Sep 19, 2018 · 567 commits to master since this release

The most notable thing about Snoop 2.10.0 is that Snoop longer supports .NET 3.5 (for x86 and x64).

The good news is that you can now build the solution very easily with Visual Studio 2017 ... that is, you don't have to rely on Visual Studio 2010. This also means that Snoop will now be reliant on the Visual Studio 2017 redistributables instead of the Visual Studio 2010 ones.

Finally, we are going to update the Chocolatey package ( and we now have a continuous integration build using AppVeyor. Thanks to Bastian Schmidt for these efforts!

We've got more planned! Stay tuned!

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@cplotts cplotts released this Jul 27, 2018 · 606 commits to master since this release

After a long, long time ... I've put together a Snoop release! This bundles together all the fixes and improvements that have been committed to master.

Most notable is the new Triggers tab ... which Bastian Schmidt has contributed ... taking Christian Moser's work from WPF Inspector and porting to Snoop.


Apparently, newer versions of Windows are blocking the files you download. So you might need to manually right click on the file, choose properties, and unblock them.

I have gotten rid of Setup.exe since it keeps showing up on virus scanners. I don't think it had a virus but better safe than sorry. Don't forget that this version of Snoop needs the Visual Studio 2010 MSVC++ x86 and x64 redistributables. You will need to have those installed in order for Snoop to work.

To easily go back to the previous release, I have added the install (Snoop2.8.0.msi) to a release for the tag 2.8.0 (

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@cplotts cplotts released this Aug 10, 2018 · 672 commits to master since this release

This is the Snoop 2.8.0 release ... released way back in 2012. I am uploading the .msi so that people can easily go back to Snoop 2.8.0 if they wish or if they experience issues with the latest release.

Don't forget that this version of Snoop needs the x86 and x64 MSVC++ redistributables for Visual Studio 2010. I got rid of the Setup.exe (which installed those) since it was showing up on virus scanners ... and even though I don't think it had a virus ... better safe than sorry, and you're all smart enough to install the redists.

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