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@cplotts cplotts released this Jul 27, 2018 · 647 commits to master since this release

After a long, long time ... I've put together a Snoop release! This bundles together all the fixes and improvements that have been committed to master.

Most notable is the new Triggers tab ... which Bastian Schmidt has contributed ... taking Christian Moser's work from WPF Inspector and porting to Snoop.


Apparently, newer versions of Windows are blocking the files you download. So you might need to manually right click on the file, choose properties, and unblock them.

I have gotten rid of Setup.exe since it keeps showing up on virus scanners. I don't think it had a virus but better safe than sorry. Don't forget that this version of Snoop needs the Visual Studio 2010 MSVC++ x86 and x64 redistributables. You will need to have those installed in order for Snoop to work.

To easily go back to the previous release, I have added the install (Snoop2.8.0.msi) to a release for the tag 2.8.0 (

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