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title: Related Projects
<section id="rroonga">
<h2>groonga + Ruby</h2>
<p><a href="">The Ranguba project</a> is a project to provide a fulltext search system built on groonga. The project provides libraries to use groonga features, text extraction utility, search Web interface and so on.</p>
<section id="mroonga">
<h2>groonga + MySQL</h2>
<p><a href="">groonga storage engine</a> is a MySQL storage engine built on groonga. It adds high performance and high accuracy fulltext search feature to MySQL.</p>
<section id="textsearch_groonga">
<h2>groonga + PostgreSQL</h2>
<p class="note">Documentation is in Japanese.</p>
<p><a href="">textsearch_groonga</a> adds fulltext search feature built on groonga to PostgreSQL.</p>
<section id="p5-groonga">
<h2>groonga + Perl</h2>
<p><a href="">p5-Groonga</a> is a Perl bindings for groonga. You can use groonga as a library in Perl.</p>
<section id="anyevent-groonga">
<p><a href="">AnyEvent-Groonga</a> is a high performance groonga client library for Perl. It accesses groonga server asynchronously.</p>
<section id="grnwrap">
<p><a href="">grnwrap</a> is a utlitiy that improvs groonga's command line interface.</p>
<section id="node-groonga">
<h2>groonga + Node.js (client)</h2>
<p><a href="">node-groonga</a> is a client library of groonga server for Node.js. Node-groonga uses groonga as a server. It means that fulltext search is done in groonga server process not Node.js process.</p>
<section id="nroonga">
<h2>groonga + Node.js (binding)</h2>
<p><a href="">nroonga</a> is a groonga binding for Node.js. Nroonga uses groonga as a library. It means that fulltext search is done in Node.js process.</p>
<section id="p5-app-groonga-wrapper">
<p><a href="">App::Groonga::Wrapper</a> is a reverse proxy for local HTTP protocol groonga server. It adds security mechanism to groonga server. It is written in Perl.</p>
<section id="zsh-completions">
<h2>Zsh completion functions</h2>
<p><a href="">zsh_completions</a> are Zsh completion functions by hhato. They includes completion functions for groonga, groonga-suggest-httpd and groonga-suggest-learner.</p>
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