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Sea Defender
Simple missile command clone in 96k for linux/win/macosx
No music, sorry - plenty of space but no talent.
Requires videocard with GLSL support, tested on GeForce FX5200, Radeon X1300 and Apple's software renderer.
Using GLFW and math3d++, font is from
The code is horrible due to looming deadline for compo entry submission (which i missed anyway in the end),
so i apologize in advance to anyone reading it.
Data for this game are sourced from .svg path elements (curves), which are converted by ruby scripts
in utils/ directory to .m and .mfont binary files, which in turn are then processed into .h source code
files as resource inserts (because there is no cross-platform resource handling in C++).
Distributed under the terms of MIT license (see file LICENSE) with the following exceptions:
math3d++/ - Copyright (c) 2004-2005, Trenkwalder Markus
data/fonts/kronika.svg -
data/model/OpenGL_logo_flat.svg -
snoutlib/perlin.cpp -
Copyright (c) 2010 Jan Dvorak <>