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#pragma once
#include "snoutlib/shader.h"
#include "snoutlib/staticmesh.h"
#include "snoutlib/mfont.h"
struct Resources
Shader *shader_seawaves;
Shader *shader_clouds;
Shader *shader_particles;
Shader *shader_font;
Shader *shader_staticmesh;
Shader *shader_line;
StaticMesh *mesh_tanker;
StaticMesh *mesh_pboat;
StaticMesh *mesh_torpedo;
StaticMesh *mesh_missile;
StaticMesh *mesh_opengl_logo;
GLuint texture_smoke;
GLuint texture_bubble;
GLuint texture_circle;
GLuint texture_crosshair;
GLuint texture_missile_mark;
GLuint texture_seawaves;
GLuint texture_seawaves_f;
GLuint texture_line;
GLuint texture_cross;
MFont *font;
void load(void);
void release(void);
// all sizes will be downsized 2x for in-game textures (this sizes are used for supersampling during pre-comp)
static const int texture_font_size = 2048;
static const int texture_clouds_size = 2048;
static const int texture_mesh_size = 2048;
static const int texture_particle_size = 512;
extern Resources g_resources;