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Development set up for Phaser 3, Webpack, and ES6.

This is the final version of the project we create in

For a guide on the concepts included in this project and how to build it from scratch, take a look at the blog post.

Using This Project

  1. Make a directory somewhere in your file system where you want to keep your project.
  2. cd into that directory from the command line.
  3. Clone this project with git clone

Installing Dependencies

  1. Follow the blog post for instructions on how to install Yarn if you don't already have it installed.
  2. From the cloned project's directory, run yarn install.

Running The Project

Once you've installed the project's dependencies, you can run the project using Webpack Dev Server.

  1. From your project's directory, run yarn webpack-dev-server.
  2. Open up your browser to http://localhost:8080.
  3. You should see a web page with a black box that says "Hello Phaser!" in green text. That's our game!
  4. 🎉

Because you are running the project through Webpack Dev Server, any time you make a change to your source code, the browser will automatically refresh with your updated code.


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