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This is a skeleton project for ChibiOS on STM32F100 Discovery board

It can be easily modified to suit your particular project.

Project setup

The default cross-compiler prefix is arm-none-eabi- which matches the
Mentor Graphics Sourcery G++ (former CodeSourcery) toolchain. This can
be changed by adjusting the TRGT variable in the Makefile.

The project is targeting the ST Microelectronics STM32F100 Discovery
board, but it should be easy to modify the build to target other boards
by changing the Makefile using an existing ChibiOS demo as an example.

The project expects to find ChibiOS source package unpacked (or linked
to) in the project directory as ChibiOS. You can change this expectation
in the Makefile by setting the actual location to the CHIBIOS variable.

Different versions of ChibiOS may or may not work, version 2.2.7 was
used to setup this skeleton project.

ChibiOS sources can be downloaded from the ChibiOS site at


To build, simply run

 $ make