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libmatoya is a cross-platform application development library.

Getting Started


  • Small binary footprint (< 1MB static lib, ~300KB linked)
  • No dependencies outside of what's provided by the OS
  • Single interface compatible with 7 platforms
  • Window creation and input handling
  • Robust game controller support
  • HTTP/HTTPS, WebSockets, TLS protocol wrapper
  • Accelerated video frame and UI draw list rendering
  • JSON parsing and construction
  • Common cryptography tasks
  • ... and more!

Platform Support

Platform Minimum Version
Windows 10
Android Android 9 (API Level 28)
macOS 10.15
iOS / tvOS Coming soon!
Linux *
Web ** Chrome 86, Firefox 79

* Linux relies on certain dependencies being present on the system at run time.
** Safari is currently not supported.