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A Symfony application for creating, managing, and scoring team video game tournaments.
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The software behind the inaugural (and future?) Calice Cup.


  • JS/CSS cache busting
  • fucking timezones, how do they work

Feature Requests

  • compare scores of two specific players across all games as kind of a head to head matchup
  • Suggest game(s) to focus on, where you have a chance to increase in rank
  • A points breakdown on one's profile page would be handy, to see which games are contributing the most to the total points. Maybe in a pie chart?
  • Stats over time (like a graph showing the change in top score over time) would be cool
  • Team points per game (thank Jakazam for putting a table together)

This is my first and a bad Symfony app so it is a constantly evolving mess, but it worked for a 44-person tournament for 30 days 💪

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