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SnowflakeDB backend for dplyr
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This R package extends dplyr to add backend support for SnowflakeDB. More details on dplyr can be found in the README page for the project.

R Environment Setup

The dplyr.snowflakedb connectivity to SnowflakeDB uses the RJDBC package, however, the rJava package needs to be installed and working with Java 8 to support the SnowflakeDB JDBC requirements. This may require:

  • installing Java 8
  • running R CMD javareconf so R uses the Java 8 for its JAVA_HOME
  • installing rJava from source so it can be linked against Java 8

If you are using R on Mac OS X, please see this wiki page for the necessary installation steps for rJava.

Once you have rJava installed and verified it is using Java 8, you can install dplyr and dependancies.

install.packages(c("RJDBC", "DBI", "dplyr"))

If you'd like some data to experiment with I'd recommend installing the following packages that most of the dplyr examples and vignettes use.

install.packages(c("nycflights13", "Lahman"))

Installing dplyr.snowflakedb


Example SnowflakeDB Connection

options(dplyr.jdbc.classpath = "/home/snowman/Downloads/snowflake_jdbc.jar")

my_db <- src_snowflakedb(user = "snowman",
                         password = "letitsnow",
                         account = "acme",
                         opts = list(warehouse = "mywh",
                                     db = "mydb",
                                     schema = "public"))


Please file any issues or bugs you find using the project's issue page. Please include a minimal reproducible example where possible.


If you find an issue and would like to fix it yourself, please do, and submit a pull request so it can be reviewed and merged.

Copyright and License

Copyright 2017 Snowflake Computing, Inc. Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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