haxe plugin, includes completion, error checking and more.
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atom-haxe haxe plugin, includes completion, building, error checking and more.

Active development

Please note that this package is in active development, you're bound to find some rough edges and pain points. Issues, feedback and suggestions are welcome.

A full rewrite in Haxe language is in progress on haxe-rewrite branch (only compatible with Haxe 3.3+).



  • Provide a definitive plugin for all Haxe features
  • No library/framework specific code but
  • Flexible to libraries/frameworks (offering completion + build provider)


Haxe is required, and can be installed from

By default, the plugin will use the haxe executable from your path/environment, this can be configured in the settings, but is not usually required.

Required Atom Packages

Install these either from Atom -> Settings -> Install, or run apm install [package-name] on your CLI if you have atom shell commands installed.

  • requires linter package
  • requires language-haxe package
  • requires autocomplete-plus package (already included in Atom by default)


This usage applies only if using hxml only build workflow. If you are using a package that handles this for you (like flow) then this does not apply, and you should read the documentation for that package.

  • Right click a HXML file in the tree view
  • Set as active HXML file

This will activate the hxml file, and use it for completion + builds. You can unset the project state from the Packages -> Haxe menu.

completion Completion happens as you type. For now, you might add "dot files" to Settings -> ignored Names, For example adding .* would ignore the .tmp file generated for completion. We are working on a more flexible solution.

linting Linting only happens when you save the file.

Issues / feedback

Please file issues at !


code completion

completion typedefcompletion

code linting


build workflow


future features

  • code / doc hinting


Use the Packages -> Haxe -> Menu options to open various debug views.


  • Enable debug logging in the settings
  • Toggle log view

completion debugging

  • Toggle Completion Debug
    • The top area shows the queries to the completion cache server
    • The bottom area shows the server process log

Future plans

Currently the shared IDE code is in progress. Visit the tides repo for info. This repo will migrate to being written in Haxe and using tides, in a branch. When it's ready for testers and usage we'll let you know!