Haxe @:native bindings for Open, Folder, and Save dialogs
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Haxe @:native bindings for Folder, Open and Save dialogs across Windows, Mac and Linux (GTK 3+)

This is a linc library.

This library works with the Haxe cpp target only.


haxelib git linc_dialogs

Supported platforms

  • Mac
  • Linux (GTK 3)
  • Windows

Example usage

notes: - some platforms, when there is no Main Window, have focus issues with cli - cancelled or failed dialogs return a blank string, test for it

import dialogs.Dialogs;

class Test {

    static function main() {

      var result ='Load image',
                { ext:'gif', desc:'GIF image' },
                { ext:'png', desc:'PNG image' }

      trace("Open result: "+result);

      result ='Save text file',
            { ext:'txt', desc:'Text file' }

      trace("Save result: "+result);

      result = Dialogs.folder('Select a random folder');

      trace("Folder result: "+result);