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Haxe Tools for IDE Support

What is tides?

A collection of shared tools, utilities and structures,
that have become common across multiple Haxe IDE plugins (like atom and sublime).


Since Haxe can compile to JS and Python (and more), by combining the underlying layer of both plugins to a singular repo written in Haxe – we share features and implementation details.

This is beneficial as bugs are fixed once and common, and IDE's can support a consistent level of feature parity and reliability.

What it won't do

This repo is not an IDE plugin/package of any kind. This is specifically a shared, standalone dependency that can be used by IDE plugin/package writers to skip directly to the IDE specifics, and keep the Haxe specifics available to other IDE's.

What it does do

  • Parsing Haxe code signatures for consuming
  • Parsing Haxe --display completion results into consumable forms
  • Querying and running Haxe background processes for completion or compilation (for services like linting)
  • (future) Haxe documentation parsing services (see scribe)


  • Immediate term atom and sublime are the focus
  • Creating empty Haxe plugin architectures and externs, for atom and sublime
    • atom externs, empty package
    • sublime externs, empty package
  • Migrating existing code from atom and sublime to tides
  • See the issue list for fuller milestones and details

Running the tests

Make sure tides is set as a haxelib.

haxelib install mohxa cd tests/ haxe build.hxml


  • 0.0.1 - initial commit