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Creators of the world's first Behavioral Data Platform

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Hi! Welcome to Snowplow Open Source, the world’s largest developer-first engine for collecting behavioral data.

We are the leader in Data Creation. Thousands of organizations of all sizes around the world generate, enhance, and model behavioral data with Snowplow to fuel advanced analytics, AI/ML initiatives, or composable CDPs.

Why Data Creation?

Have you found yourself relying on “data exhaust” — data from arbitrary tools, hard to get into your data warehouse, in inconvenient format, not fit for your use cases? The solution is to deliberately design and collect clean, structured, rich and unopinionated behavioral data using Snowplow.

Why Snowplow?

  • 🏔️ Rock solid architecture capable of processing billions of events per day.
  • 🛠️ Over 20 SDKs to collect data from web, mobile, server-side, and other sources.
  • A unique approach based on schemas and validation ensures your data is as clean as possible.
  • 🪄 Over 15 enrichments to get the most out of your data.
  • 🏭 Send data to popular warehouses and streams — Snowplow fits nicely within the Modern Data Stack.

Where to start? ⬅️

Snowplow Open Source Snowplow Behavioral Data Platform
Our Open Source solution equips you with everything you need to start creating behavioral data in a high-fidelity, machine-readable way. Head over to the Quick Start Guide to set things up. Looking for an enterprise solution with a console, APIs, data governance, workflow tooling? The Behavioral Data Platform is our managed service that runs in your AWS or GCP cloud. Check out Try Snowplow.

The documentation is a great place to learn more, especially:

  • Tracking design — discover how to approach creating your data the Snowplow way.
  • Pipelines — understand what’s under the hood of Snowplow.

Would rather dive into the code? snowplow/snowplow is the main repository where you can find all the modules.

Watch this space for the upcoming new ways to get started!

✏️ Design your data

As the pioneer of Data Creation, Snowplow allows you to custom design your data sets for each application you build. Learn about our schema-based approach and Iglu — our very own schema catalog.

🧲 Collect behavioral data

With countless out-of-the-box trackers for web, mobile, and server-side events, seamlessly generate a vast data set, scalable to billions of events per day. Here are just some of the trackers available:

🔬 Model the data in your warehouse or lake

Discover officially-supported SQL data models for working with Snowplow behavioral data in your warehouse or lake.

🌎 Community

We want to make it super easy for Snowplow users and contributors to talk to us and connect with one another, to share ideas, solve problems and help make Snowplow awesome. Join the conversation:

  • Meetups. Don’t miss your chance to talk to us in person. We are often on the move with meetups in Amsterdam, Berlin, Boston, London, and more.
  • Discourse. Our forum for all Snowplow users: engineers setting up Snowplow, data modelers structuring the data, and data consumers building insights. You can find guides, recipes, questions and answers from Snowplow users and the Snowplow team. All questions and contributions are welcome!
  • Twitter. Follow @Snowplow for official news and @SnowplowLabs for engineering-heavy conversations and release announcements.
  • GitHub. If you spot a bug, please raise an issue in the GitHub repository of the component in question. Likewise, if you have developed a cool new feature or an improvement, please open a pull request, we’ll be glad to integrate it in the codebase! For brainstorming a potential new feature, Discourse is the best place to start.
  • Email. If you want to talk to Snowplow directly, email is the easiest way. Get in touch at

Join our team!

We are hiring — check out our open positions!


  1. snowplow Public

    The enterprise-grade behavioral data engine (web, mobile, server-side, webhooks), running cloud-natively on AWS and GCP

    Scala 6.2k 1.2k

  2. iglu Public

    Iglu is a machine-readable, open-source schema repository for JSON Schema from the team at Snowplow

    Shell 196 40

  3. data-models Public

    Snowplow offically-supported SQL data models for working with Snowplow web and mobile behavioral data. Supports Redshift, Snowflake and BigQuery.

    PLpgSQL 34 9

  4. Snowplow event tracker for client-side and server-side JavaScript. Add analytics to your websites, web apps and servers.

    TypeScript 490 203

  5. Snowplow event tracker for Objective-C. Add analytics to your iOS 8.0+, macOS and tvOS apps and games

    Objective-C 63 86

  6. Snowplow event tracker for Android. Add analytics to your Android apps and games

    Java 91 60