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actionscript3-tracker @ b6ab689 ActionScript 3.0 Tracker: bump git submodule to 0.3.0 (closes #2727) Aug 9, 2016
android-tracker @ b702375 Android Tracker: bump git submodule to 0.6.2 (close #3257) Jul 26, 2017
arduino-tracker @ c28b5fd Added in Arduino tracker now Mar 23, 2013
dotnet-tracker @ 7abe544 .NET Tracker: bump git submodule to 1.0.2 (close #3258) Jul 26, 2017
golang-tracker @ 442b75c Golang Tracker: bump git submodule to 1.1.0 (close #3259) Jul 26, 2017
java-tracker @ 7b2eb08 Java Tracker: bump git submodule to 0.8.2 (close #3260) Jul 26, 2017
javascript-tracker @ 699632f JavaScript Tracker: bump git submodule to 2.8.0 (close #3261) Jul 26, 2017
lua-tracker @ d4feabf Added git submodule link for Snowplow Lua Tracker (#292) Jul 6, 2013
no-js-tracker Common: update READMEs markdown in according with CommonMark (close #… Apr 27, 2017
nodejs-tracker @ 2e11ed5 Node.js Tracker: bump git submodule to 0.3.0 (close #3262) Jul 26, 2017
objc-tracker @ 86c1049 Objective-C Tracker: bump git submodule to 0.6.1 (close #2709) Jun 16, 2016
php-tracker @ cff73c3 PHP Tracker: bumped git submodule to 0.2.1 (closes #1486) Mar 9, 2015
python-tracker @ 91da00a Python Tracker: bump git submodule to 0.8.0 (close #3263) Jul 26, 2017
ruby-tracker @ 39fcfa2 Ruby Tracker: bump git submodule to 0.6.1 (close #3264) Jul 26, 2017
scala-tracker @ fde976a Scala Tracker: bump git submodule to 0.3.0 (closes #2726) Aug 9, 2016
unity-tracker @ 3faa010 Unity Tracker: added git submodule (closes #2113) Oct 13, 2015
README.md Common: update READMEs markdown in according with CommonMark (close #… Apr 27, 2017





Trackers are client- or server-side libraries which track customer behaviour by sending Snowplow events to a Collector.

Available trackers

Tracker Description Status
actionscript3-tracker An event tracker for ActionScript 3.0 games, apps and widgets Beta
android-tracker An event tracker for Android apps and games Production-ready
arduino-tracker An event tracker for IP-connected Arduino boards Production-ready
dotnet-tracker An event tracker for the .NET platform Production-ready
ios-tracker An event tracker for iOS apps and games Production-ready
java-tracker An event tracker for Java-based desktop and server apps, servlets and games Production-ready
javascript-tracker A client-side JavaScript tracker for web browser use Production-ready
lua-tracker An event tracker for Lua apps, games and plugins Production-ready
no-js-tracker A pixel-based tracker for no-JavaScript web environments Production-ready
nodejs-tracker An event tracker for node.js apps and servers Production-ready
php-tracker An event tracker for PHP apps and scripts Production-ready
python-tracker An event tracker for Python and Django webapps, apps and games Production-ready
ruby-tracker An event tracker for Ruby and Rails apps and gems Production-ready
scala-tracker An event tracker for Scala, Akka and Play apps and servers Production-ready
unity-tracker An event tracker for Unity games and apps Beta

For other trackers (e.g. PHP, Go) and their approximate timelines, please see the Product Roadmap.

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