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Although still a young platform, Snowplow has already been deployed by various startups, enterprises and organisations, who are using it in various ways. Here are just a few examples of Snowplow being used by the community:

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Use Cases

Company_Name Snowplow Use Case
99d-logo 99designs is a graphic design marketplace. They use Snowplow alongside Google Analytics to perform detailed clickstream analysis and better measure campaign outcomes.
aid-logo A.I.D. is a data-driven CRM and marketing agency, and a French subsidiary of Omnicom Group. The Snowplow solution has allowed A.I.D. to drastically reduce their development time, so they have been able to focus on pure analytics rather than data collection.
cahootsy-logo Cahootsy is the collaborative shopping app that lets consumers and retailers collaborate to cut costs and prices together. They are using Snowplow to gather the data they need for their machine learning algorithms that match people and products. They are also using Snowplow to help analyse their site at
mediamobz-logo MEDIAmobz is a SaaS platform that enables brands to create video-centric content. Their tools bring together creative professionals with large enterprises to create content for major marketing campaigns. They use Snowplow Analytics for media and page tracking to allow for informed content development and refinement.
pbz-logo Psychic Bazaar is an online retailer in the mind, body & spirit market. They have installed Snowplow alongside Google Analytics, using Snowplow to warehouse their clickstream data, perform customer- and product-level analyses and build custom user cohorts.
qwaya-logo Qwaya is a next-generation Facebook ads tool, combining ease of use with powerful features such as bulk ad creation and rule-based campaign management. Snowplow is a core part of Qwaya conversion tracking, critical for tuning campaign performance.
sb-logo Simply Business is the UK's largest business insurance broker, with over 200,000 customers; over 90% of their customers find them through online channels, while a large percentage complete their transaction offline. They are implementing the Snowplow collector to allow them to build a rich set of web analytics data that they can connect with their internal transaction reporting. They will be using this to improve the user experience and improve the efficiency of their marketing campaigns.
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