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Product roadmap

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The current release of Snowplow is Release 99 Carnac. The planned roadmap for Snowplow is divided in two:

  1. Short term: a series of planned point releases - adding specific, mostly incremental features, tweaks and bug fixes to the core platform
  2. Longer term: an approximate schedule for new components and capabilities - setting out priorities and approximate timings for all-new Snowplow components and other ambitious new developments

We discuss each of these in turn below.

Short-term: planned releases

You'll find the full list of milestones we are considering here:

For upcoming releases, look in that list for milestones whose names start with "Rxx", indicating that this milestone represents an upcoming release.

Longer-term: approximate schedule

In this section we set out an approximate map of the new components and capabilities we want to add to Snowplow, segmented by sub-system and by time (aka priority).

Update this section has been removed because it was not current.

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