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Run the Scala Stream Collector

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HOME » SNOWPLOW SETUP GUIDE » Step 1: setup a Collector » Setting up the Scala Stream Collector » Install the Scala Stream Collector » Configure the Scala Stream Collector » Run the Scala Stream Collector


The Scala Stream Collector is a jarfile. Simply provide the configuration file as a parameter:

$ java -jar snowplow-stream-collector-[targeted platform]-[version].jar --config my.conf

Where targeted platform can be one of:

  • kinesis
  • google-pubsub
  • kafka
  • nsq
  • stdout

This will start the collector as a HTTP service and write serialized Thrift records to either stdout, Kinesis, Google PubSub, Kafka or NSQ, depending on the JAR.


Pinging the collector on the /health path should return a 200 OK response:

$ curl http://localhost:8080/health

All done?

You have setup the Scala Stream collector! You are now ready to setup a tracker.

Return to the setup guide.

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