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setting up stream enrich

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HOME » SNOWPLOW SETUP GUIDE » Step 3: Setting up Enrich » Step 3.2: setting up Stream Enrich

Overview of Stream Enrich

Stream Enrich is an application which:

  1. Reads raw Snowplow events off a stream populated by the Scala Stream Collector
  2. Validates each raw event
  3. Enriches each event (e.g. infers the location of the user from his/her IP address)
  4. Writes the enriched Snowplow event to another stream

This guide covers how to setup Stream Enrich, specifically:

  1. Installation - you need to install Stream Enrich on your own server
  2. Configuration - how to use Stream Enrich at the command line, to instruct it to process data from your collector
  3. Running - how to run Stream Enrich
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